Three Reasons That Your Cat Might Be Hiding From You

3 August 2023
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A lot of people have cats that are affectionate, and it can be enjoyable to arrive home at the end of your workday and have the cat rush to the door to greet you. It can be a change if you realize that your cat has started to hide from you. Even if you're able to determine where the cat is located, you might wonder why it's isolating itself rather than being its usual cheerful self. This change in behavior is generally a cause for concern that should warrant a trip to your local animal clinic. Here are some reasons that your cat might be hiding. 

Digestive Issues

Although cats can hide from their owners because of various illnesses, digestive issues often cause them to act in a withdrawn manner. When your cat has an upset stomach and has had diarrhea, for example, it will often isolate itself. A cat may have this issue if it ate something in your home or outside that it shouldn't have eaten. Certain changes in food can also temporarily cause digestive issues for the animal, which may cause it to be less sociable with you and the members of your family. A veterinarian can assess the animal and run some tests to determine if it's ill.

Acute Injury

It's also fairly common for cats to isolate themselves when they've suffered an acute injury. A cat can feel vulnerable when it becomes injured, and will often try to stay away from those in the home. Acute injuries can sometimes take place inside, but they're more common outdoors. For example, if your cat has been in a fight with another cat from the neighborhood and has suffered a cut, it might hide in the home. It's important to take the animal to your local clinic so that the vet can check for injuries.


Stress can also cause your cat to act in an anti-social manner and hide from your family members. While stress might not warrant an immediate veterinary clinic visit, this can still be a topic that you should discuss with your veterinarian. Cats can be stressed for various reasons, including a move from one home to another and even the death of a fellow pet. Stress may lead to various health issues for your animal, so your vet can help you with some ways to limit your cat's stress if it's indeed the cause for this change in its behavior.

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