Hip Dysplasia in Dogs: What You Should Know

10 August 2020
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Many dog owners assume that their dog will be fit and healthy at all times. And while this is hopefully true, dogs like any other creatures, suffer from various health conditions. One condition common in many breeds of dog is hip dysplasia. Learn some of the important facts about hip dysplasia in dogs so you can be prepared if your dog ever develops this condition. What Is Hip Dysplasia? Hip dysplasia is a condition in which the hip joint is deformed. Read More 

4 Signs Your Dog Has Allergies

15 July 2020
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Just because your dog is covered in a coat of fur, carries dust and dander in his fur and on his skin, rolls around in the grass and eats just about anything doesn't mean he is immune to allergens. Your dog could potentially have allergies and they may present differently in dogs. If your dog has allergies, there are a few signs you should watch out for. Read on for a few of these signs. Read More 

Three Things Your Overweight Feline Could Face

19 June 2020
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Chubby cats, or "chonkers" as they're often called these days, are adorable, but that doesn't mean that they're necessarily healthy. Cats need to be at a healthy weight in order to live as long and as comfortably as possible. If your cat is carrying some extra pounds and you think there's no harm in it, consider whether you're willing to have your cat face these conditions. Heart Disease As with humans, one of the biggest threats facing cats when they're overweight is heart disease. Read More 

Why Isn’t Your Dog Eating Or Drinking? What You Can Do To Help

19 May 2020
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Your dog needs food and water to maintain his energy and to keep up with his health. If your dog, who usually runs in for his bowl of food, stops eating suddenly or hardly eats anything at all, it's an issue that needs to be looked into. There are a number of reasons why your dog isn't eating or drinking. Some may have to do with his own health, while others could simply be because he doesn't like his dog food. Read More 

How To Get Your Cat Through Its Teething

20 March 2020
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Kittens, like humans, grow in multiple sets of teeth over the course of their lives. First come the kitten teeth, or milk teeth, which get a kitten through the early days of its life. Then come the adult teeth. If your kitten is starting to gain its adult teeth, here's what you need to know in order to get them through their teething. Don't Be Alarmed Many pet owners don't know this, but when kittens' adult teeth start to come in, they lose their baby teeth the same way that humans do. Read More