5 Ways To Protect Your Dog From Cancer

4 March 2021
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Just like their human counterparts, dogs can develop cancer at some point. As a pet parent, the idea of your dog getting this terrible disease is scary to think about. However, you can take the necessary steps to reduce your furry family member's risk.  Here are some tips for preventing cancer in your dog. Help Your Dog Maintain a Healthy Weight Obesity can increase the risk of many health conditions in your dog, including cancer. Read More 

Cats Can Go to the Groomer Too

17 February 2021
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When you think about pet grooming, you probably picture a dog being groomed. And indeed, most groomers' clients are dogs. But some groomers also accept cats as clients. Below, you will discover some of the cat grooming services you may want to take advantage of, along with some tips for making your cat's grooming appointment a better experience. Cat Grooming Services Mat Removal Long-haired cats, especially, tend to form mats in their fur. Read More 

Why Has Your Dog Started To Eat Their Own Poop?

13 January 2021
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Your dog will happily eat anything you give them. Some dogs will also (perhaps a little too happily) eat what comes out of them. So why is your dog eating their own poop? When it happens rarely (ideally rarely enough so that you don't have to see it), it can be dismissed as a temporary eccentricity. But when it happens on a regular basis and seems to be becoming more common, it can indicate a potential problem. Read More