4 Situations With Your Pet That Requires Veterinarian Attention

26 May 2021
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Pets have physical, social, and health needs. Most pet parents will check into a veterinarian for routine vaccinations against infectious diseases and sterilization to prevent overbreeding. However, keeping a close eye on your pet can help identify certain conditions, which may seem mild, but are life-threatening if not treated early.

Here are 4 situations with your pet that require veterinarian attention. 

Stomach Upsets

Whether you buy pet food from the stores or prepare it at home, it must be of high quality and nutritious. However, whether at home or on a daily walk, pets – particularly dogs – like sniffing everywhere, and will put anything into their mouth, which leads to ingestion of bacteria and parasites. If your pet develops a stomach problem, the first signs are diarrhea and vomiting. Often, the veterinarian prescribes medication to treat your pet for abdominal complaints. 

Skin Discomfort

Skin discomfort is another common problem that may necessitate a visit to a veterinarian. The most common skin conditions include dermatitis, hair loss, and itchiness. There are various causes of skin diseases, ranging from mites infestation, nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalances, and allergies. 


Limping is one of the major symptoms of pain in the legs, causing discomfort when walking. If your dog is limping, it could be due to a blow, trauma, or swollen joints. Accidents around the house or outdoors can lead to injuries on the legs and cause the dog to limp. Likewise, obesity can put too much pressure on the joints and cause limping. Visit a veterinarian who may order an x-ray to determine the cause of the pain. 

Underweight or Overweight

If you feed your pet with nutritious food and in the right proportions, a sudden drop in weight can be a cause of concern. Likewise, if your pet is too fat despite regular exercises or proper nutrition, it may lead to serious health complications. Several conditions such as diabetes, adrenal fatigue, or liver and kidney disorders can cause a sudden increase or decrease in weight. A sick pet can have behavioral problems, such as constant meowing and barking. In addition, they may also have destructive and aggressive behavior. If your pet suddenly loses or gains weight, it's vital to visit a veterinarian for urgent examination and treatment before things get out of hand.

A regular check-up can identify any health condition, and as always, prevention is better than cure when it comes to pet care. Contact a veterinarian if you observe the above situations with your pet.