Changes In Eating Habits That Mean Your Dog Needs Vet Care

1 April 2022
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Since your dog can't talk, it's not always easy to know how they are feeling. As such, telling when they need to go to the animal hospital can be a little tough. When in doubt, you should take your dog to the vet; you're better off safe than sorry. But there are also some more specific symptoms you can watch out for, many of which involve your dog's eating habits. Read More 

Tips to Help You Provide Emergency Vet Care to Your Pet

2 February 2022
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Your pet may be an animal but they make up an important part of your family, therefore their health and well-being are one of your highest priorities. When your pet becomes ill or sustains an injury, you will want to take care of them with emergency services as soon as possible. Here are some recommendations to help you protect your pet's health with good vet care and timely emergency services.  Read More 

Your Pet Ate People Food: Should You Take Them To The Vet?

22 November 2021
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Veterinarians are animal doctors who are there for your pets whether you have a medical emergency or your animal just needs a checkup or shots. You take your pet to the vet for regular exams and to make sure their vaccinations are up to date, and you know you can rely on your vet to give your pet the care it needs. Your pet has a special diet formulated for its species to keep the critter healthy and you keep your people food away from them as much as you can. Read More 

Six Major Considerations When Making Decisions Regarding Dog Euthanasia

17 September 2021
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Deciding to have your dog put down is a big decision. It's a decision that involves numerous considerations you should take into account. The following are six major considerations to think about when making decisions regarding dog euthanasia.  The prognosis of any health conditions your dog is suffering from Probably one of the most important things you have to know before you make any decisions about euthanasia is what your dog's chances of recovery are. Read More 

3 FAQ About Pet Vaccinations For Cats

22 July 2021
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Are you a first-time cat owner? If so, you are among the 25 percent of households in the country that has a cat. There are many reasons so many people have a cat for a pet. Besides being low maintenance, cats are great companions that reduce feelings of loneliness and can even decrease stress and anxiety. When a child has a cat, it can help them become more responsible. While cats are pretty independent, they do require regular trips to the veterinarian. Read More