Signs Your Rabbit Needs To See The Vet

29 February 2020
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Rabbits make lovely pets. They require a bit less attention than dogs and cats, and they tend to have friendly, engaging personalities. However, like all other pets, they do require veterinary care from time to time. Rabbits' health can decline quickly without care, so it is important to know the signs your rabbit needs vet care so you can call and get the necessary care promptly.

Runny Nose

A runny nose is a bad sign in a rabbit. Bunnies do not get colds like humans do — every respiratory infection they get is a serious matter. A runny nose is often a sign of a condition called snuffles, which is basically an upper respiratory infection that can progress to pneumonia if left untreated. A rabbit with suspected snuffles needs antibiotics to get well and to prevent the infection from spreading, so he or she needs to see the vet for diagnosis and a prescription.


It sounds really gross, but waking up to find maggots on your rabbit's skin is a possibility. These maggots are the larvae of flies, and they indicate that your rabbit has a condition called fly-strike, which involves maggots living on and feeding on its skin. Fly-strike can claim a rabbit's life within days, and the only way to treat it is to physically remove all of the maggots. This is really hard to do without the right tools and experience, so you need to call the vet. Your rabbit may also need to have its fur shaved and have antibiotics as a part of the treatment,

Lack of Appetite

Bunnies are voracious eaters. They usually gobble up any veggies and pellets you give them pretty promptly. If your rabbit is not eating, there is almost always something wrong. It could be a respiratory infection or an ailment of the digestive tract. Rabbits that don't eat or drink can go downhill fast, so it is best to let the vet figure out what's wrong before it gets worse.


Lethargy means that your bunny seems to have no energy. He or she may want to just sleep or lie around. This is abnormal for a rabbit — even when they are tired, they are very active animals. Lethargy can indicate pneumonia, a digestive ailment, a neurological issue, or any number of other problems, but you do not want to risk it getting worse before seeking care.

If you see any of the above signs in your rabbit, contact the caring staff at South Seattle Veterinary Hospital immediately.