Cats Can Go to the Groomer Too

17 February 2021
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When you think about pet grooming, you probably picture a dog being groomed. And indeed, most groomers' clients are dogs. But some groomers also accept cats as clients. Below, you will discover some of the cat grooming services you may want to take advantage of, along with some tips for making your cat's grooming appointment a better experience.

Cat Grooming Services

Mat Removal

Long-haired cats, especially, tend to form mats in their fur. Once they do form, they are really hard to brush out, and removing them is usually the best option. A groomer can shave them away or cut them off with scissors, depending on size and location. 

Claw Trimming

Cats tend to keep their own claws worn down by scratching, but many cat owners do not really want their cats scratching up their furniture. A groomer can trim your cat's claws to cut back on this behavior for a few weeks, at least. Having your cat's claws trimmed is also beneficial if you have kids and do not want them to get scratched; the trimmed claws won't scratch as badly.

Sani Trimming

While groomers won't typically shave or cut all of a cat's hair, they will often do what's called a sani trim. They'll remove the excess hair between the toes and around the rear end to help prevent your cat from carrying anything unwanted with them out of the litter box.

Tips for Taking Cats to the Groomer

Get Them Used to the Carrier

Make sure you put your cat in the carrier a few times before you take them to the groomer in it. Feed them in there so they come to like the carrier. While carrying your cat in their carrier, cover it with a blanket so they do not become nervous about the surroundings.

Hold Your Own Cat

If your groomer gives you the choice of holding your own cat during the session, do so. Your cat will stay calmer in familiar arms, and you can speak to them and stroke them to soothe them during the experience. You might be surprised; many cat owners assume their cats will hate grooming but then find they actually like it.

Grooming is for cats too! If you have a cat, call and make a grooming appointment for them every now and then. They'll get used to it, and they'll stay cleaner (and less scratchy) as a result.