Is Day Surgery Right For Your Dog?

6 June 2022
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If your dog needs surgery, then your vet will talk to you about whether it can have day surgery or whether it should stay in their animal hospital overnight. In some cases, you might be given a choice of what happens here.

If you prefer the idea of day surgery, but worry about taking your dog home too soon, then ask yourself the following questions. Your answers will help you decide what's best for your pet.

What Kind of Surgery Will Your Pet Have?

If your pet is having major surgery, then it is likely to need at least an overnight stay in your vet's hospital. If surgery puts an animal at risk, and it will need longer-term medical care or monitoring, then you usually shouldn't take it home on the day of its procedure.

However, if your dog is having a routine procedure, such as desexing or dental work, then your vet might recommend day surgery. Vets typically schedule routine surgeries early in the day. This leaves enough time to check and monitor your dog's condition after its anesthesia and surgery. If all is OK, there's no reason to keep your dog overnight.

Has Your Dog Had Surgery Before?

If your dog has had surgery in the past, then you already have an idea of how well it coped. If your pet came through surgery alright and didn't have a problem with its anesthesia, then it will probably have similar experiences with this procedure.

However, if your dog has had post-surgical problems before, then you should talk to your vet about them. Depending on their severity and likelihood of them happening again, your vet might make the decision to keep your dog in their animal hospital overnight.

How Healthy Is Your Dog?

The general health of your dog might play a part in whether it is a suitable candidate for day surgery. If your pet is fit and healthy, then it probably won't need any extra care.

However, if your dog has underlying health conditions, then you should discuss them with your vet. Some conditions can affect post-surgical recovery. This might affect your decision on when to bring your pet home.

Can You Manage Post-Op Care at Home?

Even if your dog only needs day surgery, it will need some post-operative care at home. You might need to keep your dog calm, feed it special foods, and prevent it from worrying at its wound or stitches. It's best for someone to be at home with your pet for the evening/night after surgery.

If this isn't possible, or if you don't think you can keep your dog in check during this key recovery period, then overnight care night might be a better option.

For more advice, talk to your vet.